Land in sight after 18 days at sea!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 20 Mar 2016 10:22
9.51 S
138.52 W

This is our first human contact for last 10 days after we had lost Heidi: the multihull Blue Summit. Our courses were crossing each other coming so close that we had to move away not to collide!


At 13.05 land in sight!! Jörgen saw the first island silhouette and what a feeling. Only a few hours left and we are in the Marquesas!


Happy kids looking so much forward to the ice cream hunt...


… wonder what this guy is hunting for?

Happy crew looking forward to come on land.





This is now the funniest part: the Finnish boat Maerra Nieida is in sight! After 3100 NM we are now fighting for who will come in first. Quite funny as we are only 1 Finnish boat and 1 Swedish boat on this leg and there is always a competition among the Fininsh and the Swedish people. So this is becoming really exciting! We took our binoculars to see their speed compared to us which was very equal. So now for the trimming..


…until we realised: they are motoring! So much for the fun competition haha...

Fabulous landscape welcoming us. 


At 17h30 local Marquesian time we passed the finishing line after 18 days and 9 hours at sea! Guess if we celebrated this once arriving in the harbour of HIva Oa. We could not bother to cook proper dinner so we had champagne and chocolate. Everyone was more than happy!