Jörgen's Diving Certificate

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 7 Jan 2015 18:47
Jörgen has always had a wish to dive but has had a too big respect for being under water and never really dared take the step himself. So Father Christmas gave him a dive certificate and Prickly Bay showed to be the best place! For 5 days Jörgen dived starting in the pool. Day 4 Louise joined Jörgen in the pool to do her refresher course. It was 14 years ago since her last dive!


And day 5 we got to dive together! We can definitely recommend Scubatech at Prickly Bay. Professional, very nice and caring.



Jörgen’s reviewing his last exercise 

Finally Certified PADI-Diver!

What a pleasure having dived together. The first dive was at a wreck ”Veronica” outside George Town and the second to a coral ”Northern Exposure”. We saw Stone Fish, Moray, Snake Eel, Crab, Trumpet Fish, Parrot Fish… Thankyou to Barry and Sophy taking care of Alex and Inez. A few days later I babysitted on their boat Matilda while they were out having dinner ;-).