The ARC Week in Rodney Bay

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Fri 19 Dec 2014 17:10
Our first crew Johan left already after 3 days in Rodney Bay. Thankyou for everything Johan!


The same day we were invited for a seafood lunch on Mathilda with Barry and Sophy Blant. A very pleasant lunch!


The same afternoon we welcomed more boats coming in. This arrival was pretty special. The Danish boat Cygnaeus Pena managed to touch ground right before reaching their berth. What an entry!! 
Every day in the marina we welcomed new boats and the ambiance was very festive. For every friend we welcome, there was more rumpunsch and sparkling wine served by other crews. We even got up in the middle of the night to welcome our last friends from Khudjada. They had been sailing for 22 days so we thought they were well worth a warm welcoming (we had then already had 6 nights of good sleep ;-)


Alex and Inez have quickly found their playground. Every day with all the other kids!


Dinner on Take Off with the Canadian family Hayes on Morning Haze. Dave, Isabelle and the daughters Rebecca and Demi who are now the kids’ best friends ;-)


Kids Club at the Yacht Club of St Lucia. A whole day with all the kids of the ARC playing, swimming and even sailing in smaller boats. Alex and Inez went by themselves with the bigger kids. Inez on the girl’s boat and Alex on the boy’s boat.



Dinner at Spinnaker with the Olof, Helén and Cornelia. Thankyou once again Olof for all your knowledge and harmony on board!


After a few days in the marina we had to go out to calibrate our machines. The harbour of Rodney Bay.



Decorating Take Off with christmas decorations and a christmas tree.


Completing the last work on the rudder. Now it should be really safe!