Swedish Christmas in Bequia

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 24 Dec 2014 23:34
The day after early birdy in the morning we left Marigot Bay and St Lucia passing the Pitons. Mountains made of the volcano’s lava eruption. Landmark of St Lucia.

St Vincent that we passed by sailing straight to Bequia. The sailing between St Lucia and St Vincent is known to be pretty windy and wavy and it was more than windy and wavy! So much that Louise, Alex and Inez were out laying down not being very useful. Jörgen sailed by himself for nearly 8 hours!

Arriving in Bequia late afternoon, we cleared in the country just before the customs closed. In the West Indies, by law you have to clear in in every country you enter and clear out before you leave. If you do miss this you can be fined approx 5000 US! 

We also prepared ourselves for the big day coming tomorrow - Julafton! We made some porridge for Father Christmas that we put on the table in the cockpit with milk. In the morning the kids woke up, got their stockings, checked in the cockpit…”Father Christmas has eaten all the porridge and brought us stockings!!”.


Christmas breakfast in Bequia. 

Our initial plan was then to leave Bequia to join our English friends on Union Island. However we were running a bit late as we skyped with our families. We decided not to rush on our own Christmas and just spend a Swedish Christmas which we did by all means! We spent the afternoon making the Pepparkakshus that we hade bought at IKEA in Las Palmas and just needed to be ”glued” with sugar and baking Lussebullar. 



When we had decided to stay for Christmas i Bequia our Norwegian friends (the family with 4 kids!) on Delphia just passed by letting us know they were going to have Christmas dinner at Jack’s Bar by the beach There were two more other Swedish boats Cluck and Spray and some Norwegians. Jörgen went in to book a table and managed to squeeze us in the soffa ;-)! 

The Christmas shower


Before dinner at Jack’s Bar Father Christmas had brought the bigger presents ! 


We then left the boat for the Christmas dinner at Jack’s Bar which showed to be owned by a Swede so guess our surprise when they served glögg, köttbullar, prinskorvar, jansson’s frestelse, lax med hovmästarsås….!!! We managed to eat our one an only Julbord at Bequia. It was delicious! And the soffa was perfect as Inez dropped off right after dinner…

When we left for the dinner the Pepparkakshus had started to look somewhat sad…


… and after 3 hours when we came back, the humidity had taken over!

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