Time flies!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 2 Dec 2014 08:29
It's now 1 week since we left Las Palmas and time ironically seems to pass by really quick! We wake up in the morning, have breakfast with warm bakeoff bread, washing up, do some sort of morning activity - today I just had to clean out the fridge, it was too smelly! - prepare lunch, do some afternoon activities with the kids, prepare dinner, wash up, blog/write mail and go to  bed.....and the day has gone by so quickly!!!! I even have said to myself "oh no I haven't had the  time to do this today!"... does timestress event hit the Atlantic? Winking smile
Since day 2 the wind has really been on our side and it is constantly blowing and since a few days from behind moving  us forward fairly quick. The spinnaker goes up in the morning and down for the night. Our average milage is approx 170 NM / 24h. We’ve just realised that tomorrow will already be halfway!! Already!! The waves are also favourable now giving us chance to surf on a few of them and then topping speed. Today we reached 11,9 knots on a  surf, wow!!
As for the advent calender the kids have opened their first “lucka” this morning (at 6h30...) and they also have received another calender they can make themselves (Thankyou so much Pamela)! So today they have done their own calender so they now have two (both big ones) on the boat! Very happy and excited every evening before going to bed because they can't wait to wake up in the morning ;-)
Everyday we check who’s received mail. It is really exciting because your mails are the only sign of life outside this boat (except of a few birds an flyfish) ha ha ha.....! Keep sending us some news, we love it too!
Take care everyone – we take well care of ourselves.
Take Off and Louise