Our daily routine in Port Villa on Vanuatu

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 22 Jul 2017 12:58
Thanks to the kind service of Mindy at the World ARC, we managed to organise a whole day att school for Alex and Inez. They got the chance to go to the English school….xxxxx  together with the kids from the owner of the restaurant by the marina. As the school did not ask for any contribution, Alex and inez had drawn a picture each to give to their teacher. Very excited, Alex suddenly realised what was happening and started to cry driving away in the van. 


However coming back from a whole day at school there were only happy smiles and Alex and Inez had had a great time at school.  They came  home with plenty of fruits so we gave them back a bar of Swedish chocolate, Marabou!


Alex curious of Bob’s (Lexington) work on his main sail.


A beautiful view from the Marina “Yachting World” at Port Villa.


The boats all “dressed up” giving a nice atmosphere in the marina.



Shopping at the market for all fresh fruits and vegetables together with our new crew, our French friend Florian. He has been living a while on Vanuatu and gave us the chance to dare to buy the typical Vanuatun fruits and vegetables knowing how to cook them.



The people at the market actually live under their stands and tables during the week. The market is open Monday to Saturday 24h/24h as the people cannot afford to travel back and forth from home to the market. So they spend their days and nights at the market with their familiies.


And what a market! So fresh and full of diversified fruits and vegetables. The second picture are fresh peanuts. Tastes delicious!


A well kept lobster

The root kasawa, tasting more or less like potatoes. Palm trees!




Last day : Skipper’s Briefing going through all the rules for entering Australia and what we are aloud to bring and definitely what we are not allowed to bring in the country!