Skipper's Briefing and Prize Giving in Cocos Keeling

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 1 Oct 2017 19:42
The day before the big crossing of the Indian Ocean we had our Skipper’s Briefing as well as our Prize Gving Ceremony for Leg 10 from Lombok - Christmas Island - Cocos Keeling Islands. During this week Pär had done our two Swedish panels: one for Sandvita and one for Take Off on the same one.



None can never be fed up of swimming in this water!


… or exploring what is under.



Alex and Inez found another swimming friend in Sergeij on Arabela. 


So much that they wanted to have their lunch only sitting beside Sergeij.


We started with the Skipper’s Briefing for Leg 11 over the Indian Ocean to Mauritius.


After we went over to the Prize Giving for Leg 10. Arabella won...


… and we came 3rd!

So for the BBQ organised by the World ARC through friends coming all the way from West Island.





This was also Stefano’s last stop with the World ARC of this year, so Sandvita kindly thanked him for this time.


Jörgen and Pär on Take Off. Anne and Lars on Sandvita. Bob on Lexington and Ken & Eileen on Aurora.


Gary on Sandvita. Hans on Sandvita and Gottfried on Hanna. Dan on Skyelark and Dietmar on Cesarina.


Bianca on Zeeland buying bread. 


Bringing fresh bread with us… mumma.