The Start of the ARC

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 11 Dec 2014 03:21
Although Take Off was quite well equipped for the ARC we didn’t have the possibility to send photos during our crossing so here comes a few memorable ones !

For the start we got a bit crazy and both skipper and the kids loved the dressing! We got a lot of cheering from the crowd waving from different peers. And thank you Stefan Gideskog and Mona for your warm visit and ”avvikning” from the peer. 


We sailed away with all kind of boats from a Marieholm 32 to old grand ladies! And to Cluck, a Linjett   , build by Kenneth the skipper during his leisure time over 5 years of planning.


What a beautiful sight sailing away with 180 other boats knowing everyone is aiming towards St Lucia in a few weeks time. 


The start was a bit quite a challenge with strong winds and big waves due to the earlier storm we had a few days earlier. However the kids seemed not to be too bothered about it!

Our very first sundowner