One boat in sight....

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 26 Nov 2014 19:03
... and it’s Matilda with skipper Barry! After a nice talk on the VHF we returned to our daily routine,
1. Preparing breakfast with yoghurt and  fruit. So far our fruits and veggies are still eatable Winking smile
2. Washing up
3. The guys sailing the boat
4. Louise doing dagis.This time they all made a “sailing calender” from the 24 november to the 13 december.
YES we are working on arriving before the day of Lucia. We  have all together made our bets when we will arrive.
5. Preparing lunch
6.Washing up
7. Talking to Barry again, still  being  our only boat in sight
8. Nils and then Olof stood for the first showers
9. Preparing dinner – today being lamb with rosemarin and potatoes
10. Sundowner at aroung 17h30.
11. Eating dinner alltogether
12. Washing up
13. Preparing for nightsail
It’s pretty windy out there and the waves are rocking the boat here and there. So far only one smashed coffee tin.
Time: 26 nov 1900
Position: 25:29.44N 20:58.69W
Speed: 7,8 knots
Distance sailed: 353 NM
Weather: NNE 18-20 knots, broken clouds.