A day full of happenings!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Mon 8 Dec 2014 01:01
After yesterday’s challenges the guys got a quite undramatic night. We started the day off with family Wennberg’s seashower in the cockpit with screaming kids. They didn’t really appreciate the heavy shower of salt water from the bucket....
However someone rewarded them for being so brave as we afterwards got to see some DOLPHINS!! 5 quite small dolphins swam and jumped ahead of the boat. Really fun!
Before lunch we reached 500 NM left to St Lucia which we celebrated with cava.
After lunch Nils took a new chance at fishing and finally got our first fish on the hook! It must have been a hungry one managing to be hooked at 8 knots speed Winking smile. The fish had no chance to battle with us in the sea, it totally surfed on top of the waves when we hauled it in at 8 knots. That was a very proud Nils fishing a Dorado, also called Maki maki. A beautiful green fish with a golden belly. For sundowner Jörgen served us sashimi on Dorado with soya sauce and wasabi. Miam! And for dinner we ate fish soup with noodles.
Just before the sundowner a whole bunch of more DOLPHINS came to visit us! This time it was a heird of bigger dolphins and a lot more joyful! Jumping, jumping and jumping. One even gave us a double flip up in the air! What a cheerful sight.
And for today’s excercise: our third spinnaker! However this last one is for very light winds, approx 10 knots. The winds here have rarely been blowing under 14 knots.... so discussions were taken. Finally we tested it and it worked pretty well. But we also entered an area of squalls. So the spinnaker went up and down a few times. Now for the night we trust the genua.
As we are still racing ha, ha.... we decided to finally lighten the boat from our bottles of water we brought in case of emergency. We’ve been carrying around aprox 150 liter of water in bottles (bottles of 5 and  8 liter). Today we emptied 65 liter in our tank which felt really good! And the cuting process took place, cutting 10 big bottles of water into pieces. With time and patience it works.
Over and out for new cheerful adventures tomorrow.