Entering the tropics

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 4 Dec 2014 23:37
The night from the 3rd to the 4th of dec was magic! After a wonderful and peaceful afternoon yesterday we spent a magic night with wind at 20 knots, bright moonlight, sparkling stars and gentle waves. The moon was so bright we could clearly see the horizon sailing the spinnaker all night.
At our first mail this morning we got the happy news that we managed to catch up our 5th place in division D and even a few more positions in the cruising class all in all. We were not competing in the beginning however now.....Smile
Today we celebrated that we now only have 1000 NM to go (ok still a week more to go...) however it’s lovely to celebrate anything that is worth celebrating!
And today has been a really hot day. We realise that we are now entering the tropics!
This morning we gave the kids a sea shower in the cockpit. Although the water temperature is at 25 degrees the shower was too cold for them and they sounded as they were being beaten... After we rinsed them in fresh warm water. When it was Mummy and Daddy’s turn the kids’ smile was big and revenging!
Yesterday we finished off the bananas, pears and melon. We still have fresh tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, potatoes, apples, oranges and lemons. And our bread is still fresh Winking smile
This afternoon we have seen an awful lot ot seagrass in the water!? We didn’t reflect more about that. At around dinner we started feeling that the boat was vibrating. During an hour we searched and searched why? We checked the keel, the rudder, taking the spinnaker up and down, etc.... Until we decided to take all the sails down, put the engine on and make a few turns and speed up for a short time just in case something had got stuck in front of the keel. Once we finished off our experience and put the sails up again the vibrating had disappeared. Some seagrass stuck to the keel? Anyway  we’re back on track again....
... entering our next magic night with a moon going on in its full shape in a few days.
Take Off through Louise