Another luxury tour on Canouan

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 1 Apr 2015 03:14
From Mustique we had an hour trip over to Canouan. Being so short we chose not sail and instead motor all the way. We also needed to charge our batteries and the most efficient way to do this is by motoring. 


We arrived just in time for our traditional sundowner and watch the ”green flash” as the sun goes down.


The day after Jörgen gave himself some time off and went playing golf at the Canouan Resort at Carenage Bay. He was thrilled like a 5-year old boy over his new car. Jörgen was really happy and went early in the morning. Coming back Jörgen shared his experience and said that this golf tour was one of his top best with a splendid view over the island and a beautiful golf course! During this morning we went to the Tamarind Beach Hotel nearby and being the 1rst of april we did some ”april april din dumma sill” ;-)


In the afternoon we went off for our traditional island tour. This time we had a charming guide, young guy in his 30ies and really engaged in his country. He knew everything and was really informative and inspiring.
Canouan’s history in the late 1990’s: an Italian wealthy businessman went on vacation on Canouan and fell in love with the island. He decided to buy half of the island (Northern part) and build an exclusive resort with part owners of villas and a hotel. This is more than exclusive and the land he owns is huge! For the island this secured many employments and today there are 300 employees at the resort (Canouan has approx 1000 inhabitants). You can only visit the whole island inclusive the resort if you take a taxi and guide of the resort. So we did!

We first drove to the South of the island to the airport which has been expanded due to the resort. The airport with its arrival and departure hall.




The view from the South over Union Island, Tobago Cays, Petit Saint Vincent and Carriacou at the far end.

Very colourful houses as in all the Caribbean. 


Most houses have also their own water tank collecting rain water. The island of Canouan has no natural water sources, so the only water source they get is from rain.


Before entering the Northern part of the island and the resort we stopped outside the Carenage Bay with a fantastic view over the reef protecting the bay from the Atlantic.




Now we have entered the resort overlooking the luxury villas and the spas out on the sea!


The picture to the left is the old village destroyed by a hurricane in 1914. The only building remaining is the church. Over 80 years no attempts has been made to rebuild the village and as this land was not build the Italian businessman got to buy this land for his resort. The picture to the right is the plant school for all the plants being planted at the resort.


View over the Golf course and view over Union Island and the Southern Grenadines.


The Northen part of the island.



Coming back to the bay a view of Take Off and a lovely picture of a girl playing in the water.


In the evening a vendor came up to our boat selling some tuna fish. This time we really wanted some and we have had several fishing attempts while sailing with no luck. A nice guy who also fillayed the fish for us.


We had the fish as sushi with ginger, wasabi and soja. Lovely!