Anchoring at Le Moule

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Mon 16 Feb 2015 21:42
When heading for Antigua we chose to sail on the Eastern Coast of Guadeloupe and put anchor in Le Moule. On the map it showed to be an anchoring place. In real life it was something else. First we were welcomed by these huge anchors put in the sea to prevent from hitting the reeves and we realised quickly that the only place to anchor for the night was right in the channel for all the fishing boats passing by. This was not a friendly anchoring spot. However we managed to spot the carnival at Le Moule and from the boat we saw on shore a whole carnival passing by with a walking orchestra playing music. The kids got quite surprised!




The night was pretty roly and we decided to set sail early in the morning. This first part continuing sailing on the East coast of Guadeloupe was tricky as the waves were approx 2-3 meter high coming from everywhere giving way to some seasickness and both Alex and Inez got sick! 


Finally we made it to Antigua…


Once we had cleared in in Antigua we proceeded with our usual procedure. Inez being responsible for taking down the flag, Alex is responsible for putting the new flag up.