First day at sea!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 25 Nov 2014 10:13
Time: 25 nov 09.30
Position: 26:58.52N 16:39.41W
Speed: 9 knots
Distance sailed: 109NM
Weather: NNE 19knots, overcast.
After a much welcomed delay day during which we had time for some final repairs and preparations, we took off yesterday! There was a band playing and people cheering on the pier when we left the harbour. We think that our Christmas outfit gave the cheering people an extra laugh Winking smile.
An uneventful start was followed by some eventful sailing – up to 33knots of wind and considerable waves made parts of the crew feel unusually unwell...  We noticed our  top speed at 15,7 knots in surfing!
The sea beeing a bit rough we took precautions with seasickness plasters and pills. However one of us doesn’t really like pills and.... the seasickness came over him and he felt a lot better afterwards. So far the kids are ok from the seasickness.
During the night we crossed an area of light and variable winds, which was an endurance test for us.
We sail on, now only 2590 NM to go.