The Crazy Russian Birthday Party

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 30 Jul 2017 03:37
This day we decided to get off the boatyard and the marina to discover Mackay and its surroundings. Alex and Inez curious about the different plants in Australia. They found these small green plants closing themselves when you touch them. Also fascinated by these birds with a huge beak, surely good to pick any insect in the ground.


Going down to the beach we did not want to stay too long…


...however the view was stunning so we could not resist to take a quick look. But hard to see any crocodiles on this dry land and low tide?


Walking through Mackay we found this tree. Untill now we still not know if they were fruits or vegetables or if you can eat them?


Coming back to the marina we heard that the Russian boat Arabella with Sergej and Andrej were throwing a party for Andrej having his birthday today. And yes the Russians can really throw a party!


Sergej at the grill and… (a grill they had borrowed from the marina)


… off course Andrej at the bar! And what a bar!




All the boats in the World ARC fleet joined and celebrated Andrej’s birthday. 


Alex and Inez happy to have hot dog for tonight’s dinner.


The party ended late late late…. and tomorrow we are waking up early at 4300 to see the wallabies at Cape Hillsborough at sunrise.