Inez's Birthday Party in Las Perlas

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 11 Feb 2016 19:09
On the last day in Las Perlas we gave Inez her Birthday Party a week earlier than her birthday as we were not sure if we would arrive on time into Galapagos on her real birthday. This thrilled her and she has been looking forward to this for over 2 weeks, since she made her invitation cards thinking it would be the same day… ;-). 

We managed to find a nice spot at the beach in the shade.


Louise had made a cake in the morning that “broke" when turning it over only leaving small pieces she tried to put back together. Luckily we had our floating restaurant and Cécile had also made a cake (in chocolate!) for Inez. Cécile saved Inez’s (or Mummy’s preparations) birthday! You can tell which cake is which.

Lunch before the party.


Inez looking forward to all the kids to come!

William, Gordon and David from the American boat “Widago”, Ariana and Ryan from the American boat “Do Over” and Lowen, Theo and Ruben from the Kiwi-English boat “K1w1-Beanz” and Raphaël from the Swiss-French boat “Heidi” all came to celebrate Inez’s 5th Birthday! 


We started of with the opening of the presents.

Then the Scavenger Hunt where we split the kids into 3 groups to find all different stuff on the beach the fastest.

A well deserve cake before the next fun activity….

…being the real Treasure Hunt.

The treasure was off course well digged down in the sand.


Happy kids with their candy bags. Notice the “Jurassic Park” bags…. Inez and Ariana being the only girls, Inez had chosen these for the boys ;-)