Conclusions after 9 days

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 3 Dec 2014 20:37
Yesterday we celebrated 1350 NM with sparkling wine.
Conclusions so far:
Weatherforecast ?? Grib files? Does not relate much to reality.
Forecast last 24h until now has been 13-18 kn. However we have been sailing in 25-30 kn during the whole night and still now in 22-25kn. Lesson to learn: sail were you are Winking smile
Rig check: amazing how this constant pressure affects materials.
Only after two days of sailing we had to reinforce the rudder installation due to the fact  that the bolts were broken. So bigger wholes were drilled and bigger bolts i place. Thanks to Nils preparation of spare parts we are still in the game.
Finaly it has been a pretty tough start and continuing sailing these last 9 days.
We are really looking forward to more stable wind Winking smile!
Nils is really longing for fishing! We too want to use the lemon, ginger and wasabi we brought with us...
Take Off and Jörgen