Helicopter tour over Santa Marta and the Colombian coast

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 19 Jan 2016 01:59
Our last day in Santa Marta we treated the whole family with a helicopter tour over Santa Marta and the Colombian Coast. We started off by flying over the Harbour of Santa Marta and Take Off.




Santa Marta 


The mountains of Sierra Nevada


After flying over the jungle and the mountains our captain Steward asked us if we wanted a ”real” ride. Well.. yeah why not? So off we went and. WHAT A RIDE!!!! We could have just been flying with James Bond! First we went flying right above the trees in the mountains thinking we would catch a branch under the helicopter. When we came over the mountain ridge Steward dipped the helicopters nose towards the beach and there we were off like a swing. The most fun part was to fly 2 meters over the beach and the waves. This was like a carousel and Steward had never had such a laughing clients with the kids screaming ”more! more!”. It was one of his best rides too!


Flying over Indian villages and along the coast. 


Flying over the beach were we hade the BBQ with the fleet only a few days ago.


Flying back over Santa Marta and over the abandoned island owned by one of the biggest drug dealer in Colombia, nowadays in jail.


Thank you Steward for the ride of our lives!!

When we walked out of the helicopter we met this iguana crossing the street...