Our Farewell Feast with Family Craven on Aretha

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Fri 9 Jan 2015 18:44
In a few days Aretha would leave us to continue their circum navigation. Their next stop is Colombia before they head off to the Panama Canal. Caspar on Aretha has a tradition to pinpoint every people they have spent some time together with and give them a well worthy award. This evening was out turn ;-)

Jörgen got a lollipop for being the Spirit of the group, always happy and positive! 

Barry for being our ”Event Manager”. Always arranging activities and good deals!

Nichola for overcoming her fear and went snorkling again!


Albane for having a generous bikini every time she dived into the water!

Sophy for being the perfect mother to all the children and hosting day care on Matilda!

Julian for revealing hidden expertis in pool game!

Louise for being deeply dedicated, as on New Year’s Eve doing whatever it takes 
to find Internet to guarantee the last orders for the qualification of 2014 to be secured!

Thankyou Caspar for a lovely last evening together!