Prize Giving Ceremony Leg 8 Vanuatu - Australia

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Mon 31 Jul 2017 21:40
Sunday 30th of July we are looking forward to this evening’s Prize Giving Ceremony for Leg 6 from Port Vila, Vanuatu to Mackay, Australia.


We are off course all dressed up as Team Take Off: Alex, Inez, Jörgen, Louise & Florian.


The first prize to be given to everyone in the fleet is the Prize for having sailed Halfway! A great sensation that still feels unreal that we are experiencing this adventure and now we have done halfway… already! Together with the rest of the World ARC fleet.


The next prize to be given out was for a photo competition. 2 winners got the first prize: The boat “Timshell" for his photo of a shark swimming by the shore and the second one was Louise for her photo taken of Inez on Suwarow at sunset.


The last prize was positions from all boats sailing from Vanuatu to Australia. In Class A where Take Off belongs we came 2nd!

It was a cheerful evening where more boats unfortunately would leave the fleet from Mackay: Ain’t Fancy (ger), Aurora Polaris (nor), Tastelai (gbr) and Timshell (gbr).

We are also very happy and glad for the help we got from Florian during these passage. Just being an extra hand makes a big difference, especially during the night watches. Instead of doing 3 hrs watch and 3 hrs sleep from 20h00 - 08h00 giving us 6 hrs of sleep in to sets we got 2 hrs watch and 4 hrs sleep. Major difference! Florian was a very nice guy, helpful, good chef and gave a try to fish for us. We did get a few fishes on the line, however none hooked all the way. He helped us discover and how to cook a few fruits and vegetables from Vanuatu. He was a handyman helping with us with a few reparations. Thank you for sharing this crossing with us!