The day before the day

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 19 Oct 2014 23:49
Early morning bird we started the day by emptying the flat in Cascais. We won’t be back here until May 2015…

The first task of the day … 2,5 hrs shopping! We met some Swedish retired tourists by the counter asking us if we were up to buy the whole shop !


And then packing, packing, packing, finding the best solution where to put everything always thinking that everything has to be easy to reach and that the boat never will be still.

By late night after all the packing, Jörgen and Patrick working on deck all day with the mainsail, the bom, etc… and the kids getting rather bored… finally the rest of the crew arrived and guess who were the most excited. Finally something to look forward to! Alex and Inez have really been easy working and they both well deserved their presents. Thankyou very much to Håkan & Helena!

Warm welcome to our crew Patrick Lindblom, Håkan & Helena Belvén! We are very much looking forward to our days together on the Atlantic heading towards Madeira and then Gran Canaria. Tomorrow morning, Monday 20 th of October is the The Day!