Coming to the next Island of Santa Cruz

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 21 Feb 2016 21:53
After 3 days on San Cristobal we set motor (no wind, flat sea!) to Santa Cruz. The trip over took us 6 hrs and we were lucky to see jumping eagle rays in the far distance. As we approached, two eagle rays came up close to the boat. What a luxury! Santa Cruz is the round island in the middle, being the “main” island with an international airport and where all the cruising as well as tour operation boats depart from.  

As we arrived by midday, only 2 hrs later, we welcomed our next crew Edvard Hartz and his son David Gierta who had managed to get a boat taxi to our boat after 3 days of travelling from Stockholm, through Madrid and Miami and finally to Galapagos. The next day we visited Puerto Ayora and was heading to the Darwin Centre when we came across the fish market. And what a sight! There were more pelicans, sea lions and frigates than the actual fish, all waiting for their turn, just in case something would fall on the ground ;-). 



Alex and Inez having a laugh at this chaotic animal playground.

At the Darwin Centre we saw more giant tortoises. Funny enough seems like Sweden has been helping the Darwin Centre financially.


The statue of Darwin was Alex and Inez’s favourite! 

We topped up the day with sushi and the Red Mangrove Restaurant with David, Edvard and Ellen.


We understood quite quickly that this spot is where the sea lions have their special corner!



We continued our tour back to the boat walking through Puerto Ayora being a quite busy little town.


In the harbour right between all the boat taxis we saw this marine iguana and hundred of blue footed boobies diving into the water all together at the same time, taking a short something-I-don’t-know-what and then flew off again as quick as they dived.



This place below is empty during daytime and just before sunset, approx 17h, the place is full of local people all watching a local volleyball match. Great ambiance! At night Puerto Ayora is full of life, well visited restaurants out on the streets … 


… and more sea lions feeling at home anywhere and everywhere!