Family sailing through the Gulf of Carpentaria

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 27 Aug 2017 11:38
Now for a 4 day sailing double handed man&wife&2kids: the Gulf of Carpentaria. The 2 boats ahead of us are Cesarina and Lexington while we are the 3 boats that just left Seisia on the mainland, us being Owl, Sandvita and Take Off. 
Straight to Darwin.

The first day was a “walk in the park”. Lovely calm sea, with a bright blue turquoise colour and perfect winds.



Flying the spinnaker.

Sandvita as a company in the horizon.


Alex and Inez finding their morning games while Mummy is making breakfast.


To our morning routines: turn on the water maker to make water and fill up our water tanks.
Schooling for both Alex and Inez


During the brake Alex inspects the plotter making sure we are on the right course towards Darwin...


… while Inez is “cosying” with Daddy.



This afternoon Alex and Inez found a Origami book in the boat and went 100% into for the rest of the sailing towards Darwin! Some help was required...


Some special assignment for Inez… and still having Sandvita in our horizon.


A “visit” from Boarder Force checking again who we are, where we come from and where we are heading to. 


A nice sunset.



Likewise lovely sunrise…



… in the company of early morning kids. 



From our second day the sea changed with waves up to 4-5 meters! Tried to catch them on the camera, however difficult to share the feeling. The waves were absolutely crazy! The last time we had such a big waves was outside of Santa Marta with the falling winds from the 5000 m mountains.


Throughout these 4 days sailing Alex and Inez continued their different entertainment before, between and after schooling. Alex is checking how far we have come on the chart! 


However the Origami took over totally.


Alex and Inez decided to make an Origami to all the boats. So all the 14 boats got their own origami: a piano, a sitting fox, a frog, etc...


Every evening we had our ritual sundowner. Still with some of the Swedish ostbågar from the Swedish shop in Cairns.




Thankyou for today the sun!

More schooling and ...


… and brake from schooling: playing frisbee in the boat!


Or some chitchat with Daddy at the stern of the boat.


After 4 days at sea early morning we approached Darwin having Sandvita at our port in a beautiful light before sunrise.

Sailing through the islands before reaching Darwin. Looking ahead at the mangrove guessing the amount of crocodiles by the shore.


Sailing close toSandvita we took some fun photos.





We sailed towards Cullen Bay Marina giving us instructions we could go straight for the marina that is sheltered by a lock as we had hauled our Take Off in Mackay and therefore did not need to clean the hull before entering the harbour. The sea life and environment is very sensitive in Cullen Bay Marina and all yachts coming from the outside not having their hull cleaned for the last weeks have go through a cleaning procedure and wait for 10 hours before going through the lock and then enter the harbour. However when we reached the lock the lock master told they had no time to let us through the lock. So we kindly motored back towards Fanny Bay where Owl and Sandvita were moored and we spent a lovely evening and BBQ dinner on Owl together with Sandvita!

Another beautiful sunset.


Inez contemplating.