Sailing to Grenada

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Fri 2 Jan 2015 03:55
We left the last ones from Tyrrel Bay with Matilda, Aretha and Khujada2 well ahead of us! We hade 36 NM down to Grenada ant the winds were to be fairly strong. However when we left Tyrrel Bay it didn’t seem that bad so skipped the reef. Then we passed by Carriacou and sailed into the Channel of Grenada, between Carriacou and Grenada which showed to be pretty windy! We were 45 mins behind our friends and thought that we would have hard time catching them up.

Then we saw Matilda, only with the main sail. Easy…

Not far ahead Aretha and Khujada2.

And Aretha had 2 reefs in… so we nicely passed Aretha too.



Khujada2 was now far ahead and they showed to be 2 skippers onboard not agreeing which sail to sail on so all 3 boats were now behind us and we continued sailing our full main sail and genoa. This day we topped our speed at 13,6 knots on a surf! Yihaaaaa!!!


Passing Point Saline at the South West of Grenada. The sea was beautiful!