The very first day!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Mon 20 Oct 2014 21:09
What a lovely warm sunny day Cascais offered us for our departure! Big sun, not a single cloud and 30 degres. 

We left Cascais and set sail at 10h30. Bye bye mainland for a long long long time!


The wind blowing from South - South East 16 knots gave us a perfect spinnaker sailing cruise ;-). All the crew very very very happy! We even managed to surf over 10 knots! Yiihaaaaaaa ;-)

However we quickly found out that the our biggest challenge on our way out from Portugal were all the fishing nets here and there. A real slalom sailing - you do definitely not want a fishing net twisted under the boat.

The afternoon passed in a pleasant sailing mood direction Madeira. Well out on the ocean a few of us felt a slight seasickness feeling. And Inez was the first one and so long only one to be really affected - twice

During the afternoon we got a visitor onboard, a little bird, that quickly felt at home and sailed with us a long way. We gave the bird bread which he ate very quickly - tired and hungry. It flew away, cruised with us a little while and settle back down again on the boat. Back and forth. The kids and Jörgen named the bird ”Mårran” (after Mummy’s IF-boat she owned several years ago). At night the bird found a really safe hiding place, he thought. Just in the corner in the cockpit on the way down to the saloon . Later at night Jörgen lifted up the lid to the saloon and a wind of small feathers filled the saloon. Someone had mistakingly in the pitch dark stepped on the bird. Jörgen found it half naked dead in the cockpit. Inez comment: ”Mum the bird found a hiding place and now it’s dead!!”.

Later at nigth before the kids went to bed, we got the privilege to see ”mareld”. Placton that look like blinking stars at the back of the boat. Magic!