Arriving in Zululand in South Africa: Richard's Bay

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 14 Nov 2017 10:14
14th of November

In the morning we see land! South Africa! We pull out the jib again and gain a bit more speed coming into Richards’ Bay. 


We are now in the middle of the Alguha’s current and are taking advantage of 6 knots of current with us which makes us speed in 10-12 knots! As you can tell from the plotter (picture to the left), we are doing 12,1 knots SOG (speed over ground). However the boat’s speed is only 5,6 knots (the picture to the right), this only thanks to the favourable current. Totally amazing and fun! Yihaa!!


We are sailing along the Eastern Cape characterised by rocks and sand.  LAND i SIKTE! (land in sight!)

pastedGraphic_46.png pastedGraphic_47.png 

pastedGraphic_48.png pastedGraphic_49.png 

At 12h43 (10h43 local time) we pass the finishing line! This is one of the legs where we feel the most happy to finally get into port, safe and dry. 


Coming into Richard’s Bay, we were warmly greeted by the Zululand Yacht Club with champagne and special presents for Alex and Inez!


Zululand Yacht Cllub


As Jörgen had been awake most of the last night, he deserved this nap. 


In the meantime, Louise went for a walk outside of the marina and this his her first sight of South Africa only 3 hours of being in the country! However the people that saw this hippo in the wild behind the marina all took their distance and hid behind the car. The hippos can be very dangerous if they feel threatened. They look quiet and calm, however you should be very careful never to approach a hippo in any circumstances. 


Welcome to South Africa!