Discovering the diverse wildlife of the island of Isabela

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 27 Feb 2016 06:22
Puerto Villamil on the island of Isabela is described as the “jewel of the Galapagos harbours”. We soon discovered why!

Heidi and Take Off being the only boats from the World ARC fleet. All the other boats had been here at the same time. However we had planned our trip through the Galapaso differently and managed to be here by ourselves ;-)



We first visited “Concha da Perla”: a raised walkway through ancient mangroves ...



… to a tranquil natural pool with a dock. 

At first the snorkelling was quite disappointing. Bad visibility and nothing to see. Then we saw this…. a marine iguana coming in from the outer sea into the “pool” with the tide. We followed it close seeing how it swims only with its tail...


…until it walked out of the sea climbing up the lava stones joining its fellow marine iguanas.



A close up of the lava stones.


This little animal is a really funny creature: a tiny crab with one huge claw or looks more like a huge claw walking around with a little crab.

We then walked into town to have lunch. This is the main crossing street.


After lunch we chose to walk a trail to see the flamiingos together with Daniel and Raphaêl. The forest was magical. At any time a hobbit could have walked out on the path!




Jörgen : “who shall it be? Him or us?"


After the trail walk we continued and took a walk along the beach discovering the area where the marine iguanas lay their eggs! Just at that moment one marine iguana look out of from its whole with its head full of sand.


Walking back to the little harbour we saw more animals on our way….



… and some we had to climb over to get to our dinghy.


By the end of the day taking our dinghy back to the boat we stopped in the harbour to snorkel. Now we discovered with Puerto Villamil is the jewel of the Galapagos islands. We saw all the animals you can imagine:

Penguins with crabs around.


A dozen of Eagle Rays swimming in troup.

With tipped shark swimming in the lava channels.

A very playful sea lion! 



And last but not least another sea turtle