Days in Shelter Bay Marina preparing for the crossing of the Panama Canal

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Mon 1 Feb 2016 22:14
We spent 4 nights in Shelter Bay Marina preparing for the Crossing of the Panama Canal. Lovely marina with a pool to the kids excitement, as well as Nilla and Janne!


Having wifi we also took the chance to catch up on sending in Alex’s school to the CNED (Centre National d’Education à Distance) as well talking to Mormor and Morfar, Tonton Freddy, Tata Mado, Farmor Siv and Marraine Joanna.


We also had lovely evenings with our Swiss-French friends from the yacht Heidi: Cécile, Daniel and Raphaël. Heidi is a Dufour 50 feet being big enough to always host us. And Cécile is an excellent chef! Inez asked us the other when we will come back on Restaurant Heidi!



The day before our departure to the Canal, we got the visit of a Panama Canal Controller in order to measure our boat and check us in for the crossing.

The last morning we woke at sunrise to have a walk to the National Park just beside the marina where we saw plenty of monkeys and a slouth (scengångare!) with its baby.