The World ARC Start

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 9 Jan 2016 12:11
14.04 N
60.57 W

Sunday morning 10th of January in Rodney Bay in St Lucia

All set to TAKE OFF for our circum navigation around the World!


However not really ready…some cannot resist the last FB and email check… Will be approx 5-6 days before next check.

Leaving the harbour of Rodney Bay in St Lucia by 11 am. We say goodbye to our French-Swiss friends Jean-Daniel, Cécile (who has been living in Prégnins, a village close to where Louise has been brought up in Segny!) and their son Raphaël of 13 years who is now Alex’s big friend.


Goodbye Rodney Bay, Pigeon Island and St Lucia.


All the boats motoring off to the starting line.


Coast Guard and the Rally Control of the World ARC checking on the start


Our Swedish friends on Spirit V with Eric Lindgren, Pia Hultgren, Lena and her Norwegian husband Edwin. They are going to be quite a challenge: two professional sailors on board and one of Sweden’s national meteorologist … and no kids...

The Start with Skipper Jörgen Wennberg, crew Zander Stridsberg…


...crew Pernilla Andrén, crew Ellen Coomber and crew Alex and Inez.


Leaving the starting line as nr 3!

A few hours later, our first sunset.