Nice coming back to Bequia

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 29 Mar 2015 02:31
We left once again early in the morning as we had 61 NM to sail to Bequia. The sailing was really nice, with winds from the East giving us reach wind sailing in in 15-20 knots. We topped our speed approx 9 knots! Lovely. We passed St Lucia’s West coast passing the Pitons. It’s always magical passing these peaks. We also passed the whole of St Vincent before reaching Bequia. A lovely day at sea!



Nice coming back to Bequia. 

We met Carina once again over a nice cup of coffee. Nice catching up! Bequia has a relaxing atmosphere, nice restaurants, beautiful sea shore and just lovely to be here. I fully understand why Carina is making her 7th year in Bequia after having sailed over the Atlantic in 2007.


Beautiful old wooden boats anchored in the Port Elizabeth.



Heading back to our ”home” in our ”car”.