Mini-fleet sailing from Butterfly Bay to Gloucester

What a lovely family : Sandvita, Owl, Tulla Mhor, Aurora and Take Off all sailing together from Butterfly Bay to Gloucester. A very pleasant day sailing!




Arriving in Gloucester and just anchoring we saw this big Manta Ray swimiming towards us. 


We all took a long walk along the beach...

… took a sundowner at sunset with all our new friends from Owl, Tulla Mhor, Sandvita and Aurora.



… and had a great dinner together at The Oar, a eco resort.

The day after we took it easy before heading to our next destination Magnetic Island. First schooling and 

then Alex and Inez found their place on deck. A well rewarded reading time after schooling.


While Jörgen continued working on the rudder!


At around 13h00 we left together with Sandvita towards Magnetic Island.


Alex navigating.


Happy sundowner. A few big tanks passing us.