Repairing repairing repairing

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 10 Mar 2016 02:11
8.05 S
103.98 W

Among several circumstances of needs to repair some parts of the boat, these were a few we documented. On DAY 7 we heard weird noises from the rudder. David had a check on it and discovered that one of the wheel of the steering quandrant was broken. We took down the sails, put on the motor and started to repair.  We first put a part the wheel and saw that the bearing was broken. So where to find another wheel? We did ot have one in spare so Jörgen…


… took a block from the mast and replaced the former wheel with it. It worked! 


Alex and Inez helping with the repairs.


DAY 13

For some reason it suddenly became impossible to flush the toilet There was something stuck in the toilet. David and Edvard started the work with checking out where the problem was. Finally Jörgen had to do the real “shit” jobb by working his way through the toilet pipe. And yes there was a “wipe” stuck! So now nothing is aloud to be flushed, not even normal toilet paper.


DAY 15

After having taken the spinnaker up and down a few times, we decided to take the spinnaker down due to a squall approaching. After the rain and hard wind we put the spinnaker up again. Suddenly the sheet (rope) loosened at the same time as a wave took Take Off preventing Helmer (the auto-pilot) to work properly. Jörgen sailed then manually, however a broach was inevitable and PANG the steering cable loosened due to too much pressure on the rudder. Back on Helmer, down with the sails and a new check for what had happened with the cable: BROKEN!


David and Edvard took the cable holding the “fence” at the back of the boat, cut it with the length needed and replaced the broken cable. We cross fingers for it to held all the way to the Marquesas.


The fence at the back with new look: the above cable is the original one, the one below replaced by a rope.