The ARC Check-In & Safety Review

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 12 Nov 2014 12:29
Yesterday, Monday 10th of November was our Official ARC Start! We checked-in at the office and received the entrance tickets to all the social activities, kid’s beach party, seminars, security demonstration, how to best do the provisioning, etc. Our 2 coming weeks are now already pretty busy! However, for Jörgen & I this day was quite special. It is at the same office, exactly a year ago that we mentally started our ARC adventure. Last year we flew down for 4 days, just before the start, in order to meet people, talk to family boats, get good advices about sailing and children and as it showed to be the best - get into the mood and feel it! And off course attend the start. Now a year later, Jörgen is a pensionist, we have sold the house, sold furniture, emptied the house, threw a farewell party, moved to Portugal ….. being here and now feels more than unreal. We have to pinch ourselves every day! With a big smile ;-)! WE ARE HERE!!!

In the afternoon Chris from the ARC office went through the Safety Review. The compulsary fireworks which we hope off course not to have to use. 
And our safety is approved !