Barbuda: the magical island of long empty beaches

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 24 Feb 2015 03:06
Barbuda - we fell in love! There was no way we could leave this island too late… we could have spend days and days here so we decided to stay in Barbuda an extra day. 

After a nice breakfast with the view below we took the dinghy into the shore which only that was an adventure in itself. The swells smashing towards the beach could sometimes be more impressive than we needed them to be. And yes we got wet! However we had a wonderful morning walking along the loooooong empty beach. We walked all the way to the South West of the island: Cocoa Point. 



This is Cocoa Point. The leeward side (left on this picture) is a paradise on earth. Being sheltered from the hard winds from the Atlantic, these beaches are beautiful. The windward side (right side) his pretty always hit by the hard winds from the Altantic leaving all the seaweed on the beach. Not very pleasant, however beautiful too.

We disturbed a colony of birds …


The first photo is actually taken by Inez!


Look Daddy I am as strong as you are!


The kids loved the walk on the beach and kept running, running, running, picking sea shells and discovering.



A well deserved swim after our long beach walk.



This is Take Off - our home for a few months.


Back to the boat for lunch. During these 3 days in Barbuda we have also had the privilege to have plenty of turtles as neighbours. They swim alone, come up to the surface, take 3 puffs of air and then dive straight away. So after many shots on these turtles we managed to catch a few at least. 3 puffs of air at the surface is quick so we worked hard on being quicker with the camera.


Coming quickly up to the surface, taking a few puffs of air and off the turtle is gone diving back again.



Our ambition was to make something out of the afternoon too to but the weather did not look that promising. 

One myth about The West Indies is the weather… it does not always deliver great weather every day. We’ve often had some amazing weather activities such as bellow. The clouds build up quickly, rain heavily and disappear as quickly. We can count on our fingers how many days we have had rain free. It has been raining nearly some time, always short, during the day. However with the high temperatures everything dries so quickly so you hardly noticed it’s been raining.



So with that in mind no one really made an attempt to do anything else than being on the boat. It was really nice to have an excuse not to jump into the dinghy again and just have a relating afternoon in the boat.



Once the for deck was free Mormor took the chance to get some own time with a book. However that moment did not last very long, but I don’t think the reason was very disturbing for Mormor.


And soon came Morfar and Alex and built a little cosy cottage.


This was a wonderful relaxing afternoon with the whole family.


These kids are nearly always this happy!

Another day in our life!