The "big danger" on Suwarrow was finally overcome...

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 22 May 2016 04:33
A lovely morning sight seeing Pia paddling on her morning paddle tour.


The day after the BBQ Alex had decided with Wishanger II and Paradise Found to come and visit them. He decided for 9 am on Wishanger II and 10 am on Paradise Found and so Daddy drove Alex and Inez over to Wishanger first. While there Jörgen talked about our challenges over to Suwarrow and how we smashed the bimi with the unpredicted gybe and needed it to be repaired. That’s when Brian on Wishanger showed his hidden talent… not only did they have a sew machine on board but Brian also knew how to use it and sat with our bimi sewing for 2 hours! Done and repaired…. the biggest thank you ever to Wishanger! 


Meanwhile the “Daddy taxi” went from Wishanger to Paradise Found….


This afternoon we decided to have a sundowner on the “right” side of the island. A short walk on the island reminded us of its continuous beauty.


Preparing the sundowner for all the boats coming in from their anchorage.


The first boats coming in to Suwarrow left during the day however following boats from the ARC came in joining the sundowner. 


It took 2 days for Alex and Inez overcome the “big danger” of the island and their deadly fear of the coconut crabs. Now they are even picking them up! 


Tom teaching Alex how to open up a coconut...


… and Josh helping Alex to clean it.


This evening we experienced another beautiful sunset! This picture of Inez on the swing says it all ;-)