Preparations in Marina de Cascais

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 18 Oct 2014 21:27
Fixing day today in lovely Marina de Cascais. Thank god we have Patrick Lindblom helping us with all the IT on board! Thankyou for being with us. You’re ”unvaluable”! Lunch with the kids being really patient with Mum & Dad working on the boat…


… so really happy kids when Mum finally organised their cabin in a bedroom/playroom/private sphere! Especially thrilled about the stars illuminating at night (Thankyou Victoria Ramnelius for the birthday gift to Inez ;-)! Amazing how easy it feels so far to go from 378 m2 down to 25 m2 and still feel at ease = liberty. We have minimalised everything and only taken onboard the necessary. So relieving ;-). Ok exception: the kids still got a whole cabin with toys and books. 

Jörgen & Patrick confused about the bombraker. However happy crew after an efficient day on board  !