Crazy night!

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 3 Dec 2014 22:51
The night from tuesday 2nd of dec to wednesday 3rd of dec was by far the craziest night for Take Off in the Atlantic. Wind speeding 25-30 knots non-stop till late this morning. If only the waves had followed the same path as the wind, however they came from both sides roling the boat pretty heavily leaving all of us quite sleepless. We all felt that we were now tired of the strong wind. We are really looking forward to some more normal sailing tempo. According to the weather forecast these strong winds were not predicted so we didn’t even know when to look forward to more calm weather. Finally at around lunch today the wind dropped steadily to 20 knots allowing us to sail with the spinnaker so the boat sails more smooth through the waves.
And what a lovely afternoon we’ve had today! Sunshine, stable trade winds at 18-22 knots, a calmer sea, Take Off surfing gently through the sea, Nils’ first attempt of fishing and the kids stuck to the iPad. Today was the very-looking-forward-to “iPad-day”.
Sundowner, dinner and hopefully all night with spinnaker. Tonight is a beautiful night, the half moon gives us a splendid moon shade lighting up the sails and we clearly see the horizon and all the stars!
Take Off with Louise