Isles des Saintes and Fort Napoléon

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 10 Feb 2015 16:34
Les Saintes is an archipelago of about 5 islands South West of Guadeloupe. Very pretty and the little town of Bourg des Saintes is like a small Disney town: narrow roads, small houses, nice colourful shops, cosy cafés and a lovely bakery! 

At the top of the island is Fort Napoléon. All 3 families went for an early morning walk. Small kids being helped by the bigger kids. 


Ljugarbänken = the bench of liars!


It was a nice walk all the way up and the view over the bay was beautiful. The French always being modest: they call it the most beautiful bay in the world!

Bourg des Saintes


On the way we also had a beautiful view of the Southern part of the island Guadeloupe at the North of Les Saintes. Perfect place for more family photos.

Guadeloupe in the background and all the kids.


The Canadian family Hayes and the Dutch family Franken.


The Wennbergs.

Up at Fort Napoloen we had a nice visit in the fortress and the garden outside is home of many iguanas.



View from the East side of Fort Napoleon over the Atlantic.


The boys Dirk, Pieter, Roel and Alex.

Turning South view over Dominica.

The fortress is also home for many Aloe Vera plants.


Beautiful ladies and handsome men.


Walking back down from the fortress.

View over Take Off walking down.


With 99 Bottles Inez has found two new friends. Dirk and Mip.


Coming down to Bourg des Saintes we passed by a fisherman just coming in from the catches of the day.



Back to the boats Isabelle and Demi took a well deserved swim from our long walk up to the fortress.

The afternoon was spent at the beach nearby the ”Pain à Sucre”. We met Khujada2 on the way and all the kids gathered together at the beach building a sand turtle. 




99 Bottles being the biggest boat hosted us once again, this time for a sundowner and a lovely dinner on hot stone! We ate newly fished mahi mahi by Khujdada2, fresh tuna from the market and plenty of side dishes. A lovely evening with 99 Bottles, Morning Haze and Khujada2. 



Thankyou Maarten and Simone for hosting us so generously!