Volvo Ocean Race Week in Cape Town

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 10 Dec 2017 19:55
On Monday 4th of December we got the great great joy to welcome Freddy in Cape Town! He is here to work for the Volvo Ocean Race and we are so lucky to be here at the same time. Great joy to be gathered together again.


We first visited the Boatyard where the VOR boats are cleaned up for the next leg. Looks surreal to so cleaned bottoms! We know that Take Off has a few barnacles here and there...


The picture to the right, Dong Feng is ready and now puts into the sea.


We walk around the Race Village and see that the race is not only to be the fastest around the world but also to make people aware of all the plastic in the seas .This is TTOP's main mission: Turn The Tide on Plastic. Here we have a turtle made of plastic bottles. It is seriously horrific to see how much plastic is dumped into the sea every minute. So TTOP has a really good mission. 


We visited Phil Allen, head of Turn The Tide on Plastic team, who also lives in Cascais and was so kind to give Alex and Inez these kids caps. Yes we will promote TTOP as much as we can!

Freddy managed to get away for lunch and we had a lovely moment catching up. 


Freddy had also some surprise with him for Alex and Inez. Bilar! The best Swedish candy.


During the week we were very privileged to have the possibility of sailing the Pro Am Race. This race is on the Volvo boats, together with some of their crew and other non-sailing guests. We have the privilege of being part to the crew and actually sail the boat.  Jordan who is welcoming everyone explains that this is probably the only extreme sport where normal people gets the chance to race the boat and with the crew. For example Formule 1 cars or other extreme sports, spectators are not aloud to test the sport or be part of it. Yes this is a huge privilege! Off course we are sailing on TTOP. 

Why TTOP is our favourite boat:

1. Their message is the best: fight plastic in the oceans.
2. They are sponsored both by the UN as well as a Portuguese foundation
3. They have 50-50 men and women
4. The only Swede in the race is on board: Martin Strömberg.


Ready to go!


We follow the race that is ahead of us in the rib and experience a fabulous afternoon at sea overlooking Table Mountain.



Here goes race no 3 and the next one is our turn, race no 4. 



Our turn: the crew from race no 3 gets into the rib while we get onboard. 


We test grinding before the start. Martin Strömberg is sitting behind Louise.


Louise got to steer for a few minutes before the start, however the wind is dropping...


… to the extent that our race no 4 is cancelled! Flat, flat, flat...


Jörgen helping to take down the mainsail.



Motoring back to the dock. Although the race was cancelled it was tremendous to be out there again with the magnificent view over Table Mountain.


In the meantime Alex and Inez had been taken care of!


The day after we were invited by Freddy at the Sailor's Terrace to have the best view over the in-port-race together with Sandvita. What a VIP treatment! We hope off course for TTOP to do well.


A happy team having a good time! It was fun to see and to be so “close” to the race. 


On Sunday 10th, we attended the Sailor’s parade... 


… having Martin Strömberg waving at us ...

… as he had the best support!

We wish them the best of luck from Cape Town to Melbourne!

Once the boats left the dock we had time to get a nice lunch before seeing the start, together with Sandvita. Niklas with his son Linus.


Åsa, Josefin and Anne.                                                              Lars together with Louise and Jörgen.


Freddy enjoying the company of his niece and nephew. Alex showing Freddy what he has learnt from Linus: making sailor’s bracelets!


Off for the start we met Phil (Head of TTOP) and Harry (the Skipper Dee Cafari’s boyfriend) head of the onshore team.

We had the best place in the Sailor’s Terrace to take part of the start of Leg 3: Cape Town - Melbourne.


The start is on and at first they sail a track before heading back to the starting line and leave Cape Town.


In the evening as the race week is now officially over, we let Freddy invite his colleagues for a light dinner on board Take Off. During the evening more and more people joined Take Off. In total we were 15 people!