Wet and dry

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Tue 9 Dec 2014 00:25
Last night  the guys sailed zick zack in between the squalls so the 3rd spinacker was set up and down 6 or 7 times. In the long run there was no quality in neither the sailing nor the sleeping...  so they decided to drop it and rely on the genua.
This morning was more grey than grey and we entered a big squall. More rain than wind and it rained heavily (buckets!!!) for 1½ hour. We had installed a windscoop to catch in fresh air from the top through the roof into the saloon. However the windscoop turned more into a waterscoop and it was pretty wet inside as outside the boat. Luckily once the sun shows up things starts to dry quite quickly.
A few days ago we really wished for less wind, well we got it this morning. The wind was weak however the waves still strong which is really frustrating! The boat is roling with no speed. We all agreed that we preferred speed after all...
By lunchtime the wind picked up steadily at around (what we think having no more wind instruments) 15 knots. We had a right angle for the 3rd spinacker so we went for it and the sailing this afternoong was “sagolik”!
We topped it with a visit of our friends DOLPHINS just during our dinner at sunset. We think Flipper was with us this time as he shared nice high jumps when jumping up several times beside the cockpit. Lovely!
The moonlight is till showing our way and we have now 2 more days to go!
Wishing for a peaceful night.
See you tomorrow!