Full moon

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sat 6 Dec 2014 00:23
After 11 days we had to surrender... We could not fit in one more peace of plastic or garbage in our garbage bag. Our first garbage bag was taken out today. And yes we’ve been cuting, cuting, cuting and cuting more.... We do have the time and the kids found it entertaining Smile.
Today we’ve been filming underneath the boat, quite cool!
Another beautiful day has passed. We understand that we are taking in position after position in all cruising division. We started of at around 37th in cruising division and as off today we have climbed down to 19th, however still 5th in our division D. Shows that we are fighting with the toughest ones Winking smile
Yes the competing horns has grown out of everyone’s head, even among the kids. Alex and Inez are asking every day if we’re winning, who’s ahead and behind of us, how many days there are to go to St Lucia. So I guess we are competing after all...
If the wind holds on to its 15-20 knots we are estimated to arrive in St Lucia on the 10th of dec. We had predicted around the 12-13th of dec. We are working on shortning our distance to the 4th one.
Alex has been asking to do like the big guys. He also wants to sail at night. So he decided to go with Nils on his shift. Nils shift was on until 22h and Alex prompt wanted to do like Nils however he surrended and ended up falling asleep in Godfather Johan’s lap at 21h50. Tonight full moon, more magic than the nights before....
Take Off through Louise