Indian River on Dominica

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 5 Feb 2015 12:15
Indian River on Dominica showed to be a fabulous adventure, for adults as well as kids. We were picked up at our boats and packed ourselves together in a speed boat 6 adults and 8 kids:

”99 Bottles” with the Dutch family Franken: Maarten, Simone, Pieter, Dirk & Roel (twins) and Noor.
”Morning Haze” with the Canadian family Hayes: Dave, Isabelle, Rebecca and Demi.
”Take Off” with the Swedish family Wennberg: Jörgen, Louise, Alex and Inez. 

Our guide was Lawrence of Arabia, one of Portsmouth most renowned guides. All guides have their ”artist” names: Sea Cat, Spaghetti, Cobra…

The Indian River is like a magic river surrounded by the mangrove and trees twirling their roots into the water. The river narrows and gets completely overhung by huge swamp bloodwood trees. Overhead, the trees from a complete canopy, so it is dark and cathedral-like. Lawrence guided us through the river only by rowing. You’re not allowed to use the engine which makes the river trip more peaceful.

The entrance to the Indian River.




The atmosphere was well used in the Pirates of the Caribbean 2, where on a narrow off-shoot of the Indian River they perched a little shack in the mangroves, home of the witch Calypso. 

The river trip ended at the Indian River Bar which is only accessible by the river.



We all went for lemon grass tea!


Lawrence shoping up some coconuts for us. The coconut milk is really delicious and very healthy.



The Indian River Bar was surrounded by a beautiful garden with flowers with sparkling colours.


Back in the boat again we enjoyed more sightseeing from Lawrence.


This time he showed us how easily palm trees grows from the coconut. All these baby trees are coming out from the coconut itself if you look carefully at the picture.


The nature surrounding the river is breath taking!