First Advent

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Sun 30 Nov 2014 19:17
Pos 20:50.27N 32:13.32W
Heading 277 speed 7,5
4 weeks to go for Christmas!
This we will celebrate at the sundowner with Glögg that we brought from Sweden (we received it as a farewell present – very welcomed!) and pepparkakor we bought at IKEA in Las Palmas. Miam miam...
This morning the sea showed to be a bit calmer however the wind has been speeding up more during the afternoon continuing to bring along more waves. But at  least it is from behind nowadays and we have finally been able to carry the spinaker...
We have taken our second sample of water to help the MarineMicroplastics to complete their research of how much microplastics there are in the sea and how they affect our environment and in the long run our health. We are more than 100 boats that have signed up for this and we are taking 6 bottles of watersample each which makes it 600 all in all.
Sundowner and out – skål!
Take Off