Rich sea life from Porto Santo to Madeira

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Fri 24 Oct 2014 18:24
With not the slightest sign of wind we drove by motor through a velvet sea and in beautiful sunshine. The sea was magic and quite early we saw dolphins in the far distance behind us. Unfortunately as we did not sail fast enough so the dolphins quickly dropped interest in us and drove away further away. However with the sea being so flat and ”open” we spied and spied and spied for more dolphins to come…


… when Helena saw something strange, big, dark and round in the sun. Patrick with his diving experience quickly recognised a … turtoise!!! Imagine our surprise.


With that in mind I slipped away ”Now we’re only missing the whales…”. I didn’t realise what I was asking for… Later on Jörgen saw in the distance what he thought was strange dolphins not jumping. Coming up closer we realised…. whales!!! We could not believe it. We counted them and saw up to 4 or 5 whales. The last one just ahead of us and instinctively Helena and I shouted to Jörgen to put in the back gear! He was slightly disappointed ”wouldn’t it had been cool to bump into one?”. We did however cross over the whale’s waves…


Wow what a sight and rich sea life! Guess we were really lucky to get all 3 in our 4 hours cross over to Madeira, so we had to celebrate with wine and cheese ;-)