The jumping crocodile tour on Adelaide River

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Wed 30 Aug 2017 21:21
Today the World ARC organised a morning tour on Adelaide River : The Jumping Crocodile Tour.


Before we got any close to the big reptiles we got first acquainted to ones from the bushes: the snake. A very courageous Inez dared to have her picture taken with Mummy and the snake!

The saltwater crocodiles (salties) are the most dangerous animals in the north of Australia. Attacks are rare, but usually fatal. There are a lot of salties in the Darwin area, and sea bathing should be avoided. These are the different crocodile species found in Australia.

We found our places on the boat and Alex and Inez got the best and safest (!) spot on the boat. Right in the middle and above everyone else.



Off now searching for some “salties”. Our guide told us strictly to sit in our seats and especially NOT to lean over…. 


What you see ahead of you is what you see, however and as our guide was speaking about this, beware of the crocodile coming up from behind. You don’t hear him and you don’t see him… That’s when this guy here turned up from behind, silently being very curious about us. No you do not need to look closer...


While most crocodilians are social animals sharing basking spots and food, saltwater crocodiles are more territorial and are less tolerant of their own kind; adult males will share territory with females, but drive off rival males. Saltwater crocodiles mate in the wet season, laying eggs in a nest consisting of a mound of mud and vegetation. The female guards the nest and hatchlings from predators. The crocodiles have their special territory all along the Adelaide River as we cross it and all the crocodiles we saw are named as well as their girlfriends.

When above water, crocodiles have an ability to detect whatever is behind them thanks to a spine they have on their neck feeling vibration. Any prey is liable to be caught and the crocodile is seldom missing its hunt.

Baby crocodile

Feeding time. No it is not natural to feed this wild animals, however it was amazing to see this nearly invisible animal in the water jump in a millisecond to catch his prey.



It is only by his very strong tail that he can “stand” out of the water like here below.



The next thing we experienced was the eagles coming for the boat knowing it was feeding time… 




A crocodile’s nest and a huge spider web!


A crocodile making his way down to the water. 




Our next feeding moment.




Happy crocodile searchers!


Sam from Lexington in front of some crocodile media...