Arriving in Christmas Island on Alex's birthday

Take Off
Jörgen Wennberg
Thu 21 Sep 2017 05:24
At 03.43 we passed the finishing line in Christmas Island! It is always an amazing feeling to finish off a leg.


We rafted together with Solo at a buoy and went straight to bed as quick as possible. In only a few hours there is a little boy waiting to be celebrated and we guess he will have been awake for a long time!

Inez preparing Alex’s birthday cake. Alex pretending to sleep...


Family singing for Alex’s 8th birthday!


A very very very happy new 8 year old boy!



Breakfast and unpacking presents in the cockpit.



Lucky Inez got some presents too from Mormor & Morfar, a very nice t-shirt. 


Our neighbours Solo came with a great present: “Les Copains des Mers”. Sandra on Solo had bought this book long time ago to improve her French, however she never used it so this was a great opportunity to give it away to someone who would appreciate it and it showed to be the perfect present. Alex has been reading and reading and reading it back and forth.



A present from Tonton Freddy and Tata Magda coming from their trip in Mexico. However we guess that they missed they have been growing since then… And a present from Marraine Joanna.


But nothing beets the same old legos…. haha! In heaven….


Birthday cake with coffee together with Sandra and Christoph from Solo.