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Date: 01 Feb 2015 00:49:00
Title: Asking for a taxi and ending up at a cock fight!

We tried to hire a car for the day after to visit the North of Martinique being high season there were no cars for rent. We then saw a taxi coming along to this parking lot…

so we approached him and asked him if he was available for tomorrow. We could understand that he was not very eager for the job, however he was just going to attend a cock fight and the guy owning the place could help us find a taxi. So we followed him to this place… 

and ended up attending to a cock fight. All the 4 of us were totally fascinated by the whole ritual and traditions! The guy that we met was actually one of the responsible ones and he had is cock fighting in the first fight we saw. This is the guy, he is writing down the cocks weight.

So the cocks are first weighed. You could tell by how they are holding their cocks that they cherish them just like pets, talking to them, caressing and even talking to them giving them courage for the fight.


Notice how they are shaved. No feathers on neither the legs nor the back.

Then they are given a bit of water.

At last they fit on ”weapons” in plastic that are to hurt the cocks.



During the preparations spectators are socialising and waiting to bet. We could see some 200 euro bills being exchanged!



Let’s start the fight!




Funny enough it was our guy’s cock that won! The white cock submitted laying down and giving up. Here he gets a nice water shower.

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