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Date: 09 Aug 2007 00:20:15
Title: On Passage

Wednesday 8th August – On Passage

49:24.727N 5:53.515W


It was a glorious morning at Tresco and we thought it a good day to leave, with the weather promising to settle a little.  The forecast was showing F3-4 from the north.  We decided on an overnight passage so that we left the Isles of Scilly in daylight and then reached the traffic separation scheme off Ushant at dawn. 


We set off earlier than we needed to in case the wind was more F3 than F4, which turned out to be the case.  On our way out we saw a small pod of porpoise and the QM2.  We are currently having a slow genoa run, hoping not to get to the TSS too soon.  There is still quite a bit of swell, so with the wind behind us, we are rolling around rather a lot.


There is no moon and the sky is filled with stars – I’m just coming off watch and handing over to Richard.


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