Guruliya Bay

Silene's cruising log
Jørn and Eli Nygaard
Sun 29 Jun 2008 22:49
11:36.094S 136:17.314E

Had a great day yesterday. Left Elisabeth Bay around noon and met up with 10 other boats comming up from Gove. There was a fishing contest going trough some passages on the way. We had something big snapping our line -again. But luckily for us, Makani Kai had the freezer (yeh, we know... should have had one) full. They got a huge spanich mackrell, launched their dinghy and gave it to us. It was about 1.2 metres long, covering the entire cocpit. We got dinners for three days -for us and Blue Moon (and also one for Sahula). When arriving the beautiful anchorage, they arranged pick-up and BBQ for everyone. Great night.