On hook Kilada 37:25.0N 23:08.0E

Sue & Alan
Wed 5 Sep 2018 18:19
After a relatively uneventful 12 hour journey we arrived at Kkilada one and half hours after midnight on Tuesday morning. Tired? Yep. Nevertheless we were both up just after 7 am and onboard Ticketeeboo for 8. Plenty jobs to do and no nasty surprises. That's not to say "zero surprises" because inevitably; as all yachties know.... there'salways something!
Up early again rhis morning. Greeted by Mr Basimakopouloi. He says (at 8 o'clock) "Ready now?". Me says "No, later please.". He says "OK 1 hour". Busy, busy. Launched and on water and then plenty more jobs to be ready for the morning, when we're due another early start to getboth for'd sails on before windies appears.
Only yachties understand how much effort goes into getting the sailing yacht ready after couple months on hard. It's certainlyno holiday..... just another life!
The suns gone down ans its very dark now. Salmon  and chips enjpyed and bottle of Greeko white almost gone too. Shut-eye should come early tonight....... provided the fresh sudden increase in wins from W is gonna be kind to us tonight?